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How to Dry Lilac for Use in Herbal Preparations or Dried Arrangements

I am blessed to have a couple of old Lilac shrubs that have dark purple flowers growing in my yard. They will be flowering in May so I will be gathering a lot to dry for herbal preparations.

The main way that I use dried Lilacs is to make a salve that is anti-aging and healing. I made some last year that I’ve used up and today I will be making another batch (Homemade Lilac Salve). I also have made a pleasant floral tasting simple syrup with it. And of course, during blooming season I always bring some in for floral arrangements; not only do they look beautiful, but they smell heavenly. I hope to try many of the other uses that can be found through a Google search.

Some of the preparations for Lilac require the flowers to be dried. The way that I dry them is to gather a few stems, rubber band the ends together and hang upside down. A bent paper clip can be inserted into the rubber band and used as a hook to hang from twine or wherever you want to hang it (just be sure to hang them where there isn’t sun beaming on them because the sun will bleach the color). The bonus is that the hanging bunches look pretty and add to your decor.

It takes a week or two for them to dry. They will feel crispy to the touch when they are fully dried and if you hold them upright they will be stiff. You can them store them in a jar, or keep them hanging for decor. I usually keep them hanging unless I want the space to dry other flowers and herbs. If you decide to store them in a jar, be sure that they are fully dried, otherwise they will mold.

Do you have Lilac shrubs? Do you use the flowers? Do you have any tips on growing or using Lilacs? Would love to hear from you in the comments!



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