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God’s Will, Not Mine

Good morning everyone!

This morning I am sharing a reply I made this morning to a comment on my post Hard Times Draw Us Closer To God, which I wrote Feb. 19, 2019, over a year and a half ago. The post describes pretty much everything I’m sharing here, but the funny thing is, that things came up to distract me from that way of having a relationship with God and my life turned into a big mess, once again. I wonder if I had stayed on track how different my life would be now. I feel that if I had stayed on track God would have led me on a better path, but maybe He was teaching me lessons and it was all necessary. I like how it shows that God is there gently guiding me back, even through me flailing about and trying to control things.

Here is the reply to the comment that I wrote this morning:

My life has been such a mess in the past due to me leaving God out, that lately I get up in the morning and give my will over to God and ask for His will only, in everything about my life – then participate in whatever happens because I know that must be God because I asked for His will. It’s not like I sit there waiting for something to happen. I take care of all my responsibilities – work, helping family members, cooking, cleaning, taking care of myself – then watch for what’s happening throughout all that to see what God may be doing. Right now I believe He is healing an important relationship in my life and He guided me away from another that wasn’t serving. I am also having strong thoughts of earning my way in this life through my creative pursuits, rather than the job – so He may be behind that also.

The thing is that I am not praying anymore for things I want, because I’ve learned that many of the things I want can really mess up my life. Certain relationships, job choices, etc., I went along and did them without God, then they turned into a disaster. So now, I let God work in my life without asking for anything except His will, then when it comes to a point where I need to make a choice, I pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.

This seems to be turning my life around. It’s only been a few months that I was guided to give my will and life over to God and ask for His will, not mine. A few months ago, my life was chaotic and stressful – I was getting sucked into a toxic relationship, again. I was beginning to have some health symptoms due to all the stress. I prayed every day, but it was for things I wanted. Then I read about wanting God’s will and not mine. Since then, my life is getting better every day and I see a bright future for myself.

Now my prayers are only about His will, not mine and asking for wisdom and guidance when it comes time to make a choice. I also pray for people in my life, but again, asking for His will in these situations.

I do not know if any of this is right, but it is where I’m at on my spiritual journey and it feels so much more like a relationship with God, rather than asking for things I want, like he is Santa Claus.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.



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15 thoughts on “God’s Will, Not Mine”

  1. I can relate to this too. I’ve learned the hard way that God knows best but along with that come many priceless and valuable lessons. Very insightful and encouraging post. Thank you. Here’s to putting it all in God’s hands!

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  2. One of the best things about any lesson we learn is the future opportunities we’ll find to pass on that knowledge ourselves. 😊

    Keep on keeping on being awesome. With God in all we do, it is possible.

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  3. Yes I relate to this too. I try to see where God is working and moving in my life and flow with that. I also one day thought why is prayer just about asking for things and help when it’s supposed to be a relationship and Jesus taught us to pray they kingdom come they will be done… So I follow the same idea. I feel like I am living a collaborative dance with Him now. 😀 I loved reading this post, thank you.

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