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Orange Daylily Art & Symbolism

Orange daylilies symbolize joy, love, courage, beauty and devotion. Here are some self-empowering thoughts on these qualities. At the end of this post I have shared my daylily art.

Joy. Joy comes from within and it is a choice, no matter what is going on in our lives. It may be difficult sometimes to find joy because of an outside circumstance that we have no control over, but we still have things to be grateful for that can bring us joy. Sometimes it just takes noticing them, such as a butterfly floating along or someone giving you a smile or a hug. Other times it is easier to find joy – when everything seems to be going our way.

Love. Love ourselves and others. Love ourselves enough to let go of things that do not serve us and allow more space for other things to come in that do serve us. Love ourselves enough to place boundaries with people that suck our energy or use us. Love everyone, even if it is a person that is sucking our energy or using us; we don’t have to be mean when we place boundaries and it helps to try and understand why the person may be doing those kinds of things. Most of the time it is not personal and it is more about something wrong in their own lives. When we understand this, it is easier to love them, even if it has to be at a distance. When we do have a person that has been supporting and loving us, we should be sure to appreciate them and tell them we love them.

Courage. Having the courage to leave things and people behind that do not serve us and know that something better awaits. Having the courage to follow our dreams. Having the courage to keep pushing through even when the world can seem like a scary place right now. Having the courage to face our fears and work through them.

Beauty. Notice beauty in the world. When you see someone doing something good, notice it. Notice all the beautiful flowers, insects and birds. Being beautiful inside, rather than focusing on exterior looks. Being kind, warm, loving, sweet, humble, helpful and serving others is what makes a person beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with fixing yourself up, but if you don’t have interior beauty to go with it, you may not be so pretty to others.

Devotion. Devotion to yourself, those you love and your higher power. Devotion to good things. Devotion to your dreams. Devotion to being a good person. Devotion to your purpose.

Check out my Daylily art. Perhaps one of these items would be useful to you and a reminder of Daylily symbolization. All of these items can be found here.



All my current paintings are listed on eBay as auctions. To see what’s available at this time, click here.

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