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I Made Calendula Viola Soda!

I am a fan of Rain Country on Youtube. A few days ago my feed on Youtube came up with one of her older videos on making Calendula Soda. I have many Calendulas growing this year 🙂

So I watched the video, then excitedly went to my garden and picked a couple handfuls of Calendula, violas and one Anise Hyssop flower:

Then I got a jar, and added some sugar

and then some water

And then the flowers

Heidi from Rain Country uses a ferment starter to get it fermenting. I didn’t have any and didn’t want to wait to make it (but it is simple and I will probably make it in the future for making more soda). But I always have brewing Kombucha sitting on my counter, so I used that instead of the ferment starter and added it to the flowers and sugar water, then stirred.

I screwed the lid loosely onto the jar and set it on my counter to let it ferment for 3 days. Each day I checked it I stirred it and noticed ferment bubbles. By the end of the third day it was ready and I strained it through a mesh strainer and into a bottle, then refrigerated. It tastes absolutely delicious, a bit citrusy, and best of all, it’s healthy. I am just thrilled to know that I can make healthy soda so easily and there will be many other plants and fruit that I try this with.

If you want to make soda too, this is the video I watched:

If you are into gardening, using herbs, homesteading, preserving food and other related topics, I highly recommend exploring her channel – she has been a HUGE inspiration for me and I have learned to much. She lives in Washington state (like me), so if you have a similar gardening zone there will be many helpful gardening videos, but even if your zone is not similar, there is a wealth of other information I think you will love!



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