Plant Potatoes For Food Security

In the current times of food shortages, a great way to have a little food security is to plant potatoes.

If you happen to have any potatoes from the grocery store that have sprouted, they can be planted. You can even cut the potatoes to where each piece has at least one sprout on each piece and each of those pieces will produce many potatoes that can be dug after the growing season.

I plant potatoes like this year round. Whenever I find a sprouting potato in my kitchen I cut it up and plant it anywhere that I have space in the yard. I don’t plant in special containers. I simply dig a hole and plant it. Sometimes I will add compost if I feel the soil isn’t that great but that is not necessary. I don’t pay attention to planting times and it’s great knowing I always have potatoes in the ground somewhere. Potatoes are hardy in zones 3 to 10b.

A great thing about potatoes is that they will grow in shade or sun and even poor soil. But if the soil is better than poor then you will get more potatoes.



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6 thoughts on “Plant Potatoes For Food Security”

  1. This year we too planted a lot of potatoes. I have experimented with several ways of doing it and we even had some volunteers come up from last year! Several ways that we are growing potatoes this year is by growing determinant potatoes in five-gallon buckets, in a grow bag that a friend gave me and in bags that purchased soil came in. We planted the majority of the potatoes in tires two tires high and they are all doing awesome! A lot of we are doing could be done on a city balcony or patio.

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