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A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

This is a flower arrangement I cut from my garden to attract abundance.

If you didn’t know, flowers and herbs have symbolic meaning that has been gathered through the ages.

To find out what the symbolic meaning is of particular flowers and herbs, you can google it.

By making an arrangement of flowers and herbs that have a certain symbolic meaning, you infuse that energy into your home and each time you see the arrangement you will be reminded that the arrangement is bringing that certain meaning into your life.

There are herbs and flowers for love, abundance, joy, health, protection, beauty and more.

It can be a very interesting and fun experiment to try.

The herbs and flowers included in this arrangement all relate to abundance and include thyme and oregano flowers, viola, calendula and mint. The ‘vase’ is a wine glass and I thought it turned out pretty cute and I smile every time I pass it and already feel more abundant.

What do you think about this? Have you ever used herbs and flowers to attract a certain energy into your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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28 thoughts on “A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance”

    1. I just read your post ‘Is There Anything I Can Do?’ and didn’t see a comment area, but it sort of relates to this flower arrangement. Your post was getting to the point of focusing on something else, rather than all the news that makes it seem as if the world is coming to an end (my words, lol). Like you, I believe if more of us focused on better things, it would allow for more healing and ideas for what to do about all these issues. Focus on solutions, rather than complain. I also agree with you about the vaccines. Thank-you for stopping by and commenting.

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