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A summer floral arrangement with pizazz

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. The garden is filled with lots of color, so I thought I’d take advantage of that and create a floral arrangement. Creating an arrangement is fun to do! It is great to be able to wander about the garden, gathering flowers and then being able to create something […]

A summer floral arrangement with pizazz

A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

Beautiful Rainy Day At Pt. Defiance Park

How To Get More Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit from your Plants

Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

Bunny Painting Face Mask featuring the painting Bunny by Monica Resinger
Bunny In Flowers Face Mask
Clematis Painting Face Mask featuring the painting Clematis by Monica Resinger
Clematis Face Mask
Floral Tote Bag featuring the painting Colorful Flowers by Monica Resinger
Colorful Flowers Tote Bag

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