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Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

On my first post on Walmart Grocery Pick-Up, I left off with not being able to schedule a time due to increased demand so I was going to try back later. I tried back the next morning and was able to schedule the pick-up for 2 days later. The instructions said to get their app on my phone so I could check-in, so I did. While I like the convenience of checking in on my phone, I’m wondering about someone who may not have a cell phone. Believe it or not, some people do not – like my parents who I have been trying to persuade using this service. If anyone knows about this, please let me know in the comments so others will know too.

I had scheduled my pick-up to be in the hour that I got off work so I could just pick up the groceries on the way home. When I got off work, I had a notification from the app requesting I let them know I was on my way, so I just tapped that and selected that I was on my way. They wanted to track me so I allowed it since I thought it necessary (I do not allow all apps to track me but this was an exception).

I then drove to the Walmart grocery pick-up area (which at my store is an area off to the side of the store with an orange roof) and drove into a spot (all were open except another one being used). The app knew I was there and which spot I was in!! It asked for the color of my car, probably an additional way to confirm it was me. My color was not one of the selections (purple), but they still knew it was me due to the spot.

There was a worker with the customer at the other spot being used and he was loading groceries into the lady’s trunk and back seat. He had a hand truck loaded with plastic totes that the grocery bags with groceries were in. When he was finished with the other customer, he came to me, asked if I was Monica, and showed me his tablet with my order and the 5 things they ran out of stock on which didn’t bother me because I had expected this with the Covid19/grocery isles being cleared out issue. I thought not having only 5 of the things on my order was actually pretty good, considering. Knowing I had touched the tablet, I was extra careful to not put my hands anywhere near my face until I got home and washed them. Also, had to get a little close to him to look at what he was showing me on the tablet. But to me that is a lot less risky than walking into a crowded store where people are sneezing, coughing, possibly not following social distancing, etc.

He began loading the groceries into the trunk of my car and I helped him (that’s just me, I don’t think that is required). Also, Walmart does not allow tipping and this service is free so there is no additional cost.

I got home (less than a mile away), immediately washed my hands for 20 seconds and unloaded the groceries. Everything was there and there were no issues. Washed my hands again.

I just ordered my second order of groceries to be picked up tomorrow. What I will do differently this time is wipe things down with disinfectant after bringing them into my home. This second order was easier and less time consuming than the first because I had selected favorites and was able to easily select what I wanted from my favorites page, only having to search for a few things that weren’t on my favorites. I use my desktop computer at home to order since it’s easier for me to work and see than my phone.

I am elated with this service, especially with the Covid19 outbreak. I will continue using the service indefinitely and probably not set foot in a grocery store again (unless it’s an emergency purchase). It has saved me money, time, effort, dealing with long lines and the crazy parking lot. I don’t have to be running all over the store looking for things I forgot, dealing with people and ‘traffic jams’ in the isles, and at this time, much less chance of coming in contact with Covid19.

There is only one thing I do not like and that is not being able to pick out the produce I want, but I am growing a garden this year so I shouldn’t have to shop for it much longer anyway. The produce I did get was packaged. I’m also thinking frozen veggies would be a good option until my garden starts producing.

I chose Walmart because it is less than a mile from my home. I know that Safeway, Kroger/Fred Meyer also offer this service and probably any big grocery store chain. I just got an email from Big Lots this morning who are now offering curb-side pick-up. I’m assuming the procedure is pretty much the same with all of these stores.

I’d love to hear your experiences, thoughts and tips. This is a time where we have to protect ourselves and in my opinion, this is one really good way to reduce our chances of getting the virus and thus spreading it, which is extremely important in protecting the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If we do not do this there could be dire circumstances such as in Italy where the hospitals are over-loaded and there is not enough protective equipment to properly care for the massive amount of new cases with Covid19. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire world through this difficult time.

~ Monica

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13 thoughts on “Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up”

  1. I have never attempted to order groceries and pick them up. Here, we are allowed to leave our homes to buy essential items. I will continue to sanitize my hands 1000x per day and limit my trips to grocery stores.

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      1. It’s no problem at all – I enjoy reading your blog posts and leaving comments! 🤗 I’m kinda old fashioned when it comes to ordering online, and still buy from physical stores. I rarely order online unless it’s from the direct website and not from Amazon. With Amazon, I’ve had bad experiences the majority of the time I did order stuff. Times are changing and I know I will need to adapt eventually. The gov continues to place more and more restrictions on us as the days go by.

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  2. I had to ship something back today that I ordered incorrectly. I created a label on UPS’ website and scheduled a pickup. The pickup cost me an extra $5 but is so worth it to not go to a UPS store. They are usually small and it just didn’t appeal to me. The UPS guy just picked up my package. It was a substantial purchase so the $5 outweighed a chance in getting close to anybody.

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