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Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts

A few years ago I had FOMO (fear of missing out) and didn’t know it. I didn’t have the money to go to restaurants, bars, vacations, movies. I didn’t have a partner to share all these good times with like everyone else seemed to. I’d dread the weekends thinking everyone else was out having the time of their lives with their husband/boyfriend while I was at home by myself.

I couldn’t figure out why I felt this way because I am more of an introvert and I had always enjoyed being at home cooking, gardening, decorating, reading, selling on eBay, painting, etc. I’d get my social needs met at work and by the end of the work week I needed to re-charge.

Eventually, I came to understand what made me feel FOMO. It was social media – watching everyone partying, on fancy vacations, camping with their family, dinner parties, BBQ’s, etc. I’d spend 2-3 hours scrolling through Facebook and thinking everyone had a much better life than I did.

When I figured this out, I decided to quit social media and over time the FOMO has left. I also now have 2-3 hours extra per day to do whatever I want. My focus is ‘what would I like to do’, rather than ‘they all have it better than me’.

Life has improved so much since then mostly because I’m just doing what I like to do – being at home and puttering around. I’ve been on a few road trips and adventures and feel completely content.

How does this relate to the Covid19 pandemic? Now that a lot of us have stay-home orders, I hear about people struggling with it like it’s a horrible thing. The way society has been living – going out to eat all the time, movies, bar life, shopping, go-go-go is gone temporarily.

I have wondered if this is the Universe making us all stop and think about how we are living our lives. We commute back and forth to work, put our babies in daycare for someone else to raise, get restaurant food because we are too tired to cook, have little family time, our food is grown or injected with non-organic things and if we want organic we must pay more, we are stressed and sick trying to keep up with expenses – the list goes on and it’s a vicious cycle. We see everyone’s ‘great’ life on social media and try to keep up and we think we’re missing out on something. This is not a great way to live, in my opinion. I’m not bashing anyone if this is how they choose to live. We are all different. It just seems like a really stressful way to live, and one that is not supportive to the earth.

When I was 22 (33 years ago) I had my first baby and was married. We both worked and even back then if one of the parents did not have a high-paying job (which we didn’t) it seemed we both needed to work. My grandmother, in her 80’s at the time, babysat my son for free – yes I was blessed and I am so thankful for that because I trusted her more than anyone on earth to give my son the love and attention he needed. When my son got to his terrible twos, she could not do it anymore – he was too difficult for her to keep up with at her age. We also noticed he was getting more close to her than me – there was no jealousy because my grandma was an angelic saint, but I was his mother and wanted that closeness. That’s when I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. It was a difficult decision because it seemed we would never be able to afford it since we were having a difficult time financially even with me working.

For the first couple of months, it was difficult. But I did everything I could to save money. I clipped coupons, cooked frugal meals, started to grow a garden, went to the swap meet and sold things. We got by – it was not easy but we got by and eventually my then-husband started a yard service which made a lot more money than he was at his job and I began selling on eBay and we then had plenty of money to live a decent life. The gardens got bigger. We had a baby girl to add to the family and we really never suffered financially again. We weren’t rich and we did have to budget, but the bills were paid, we had extra money for fun, we saved money and invested in our home. It all worked out for the good and it was a much more fulfilling lifestyle than the go-go-go lifestyle I talked about in the beginning of this post.

I’m not trying to preach to anyone and tell them what their lifestyle should be like. I’m just trying to make a point that this stay-home period may be a good time to review how you live and if there are things you’d like to change to help your life be more fulfilling, healthy and balanced.

There’s been a move towards homesteading. These people are families working together to grow their own produce and raise their own meat. Some sell at farmer’s markets, some do other online businesses or even have a job on the side. Some are on Youtube vlogging their lifestyle. They are cooking and eating with their kids while teaching them a sustainable healthy lifestyle. They are not in cars running all over the place stressed out.

My kids are adults now and I’m on my own. I’ve been wanting to grow a garden with produce, herbs and flowers but since divorce 12 years ago and having to work full-time, I’ve used the excuse that I don’t have time. I have time now and it’s going to happen. I’m also working on this blog and my art in the hopes of doing it full-time and getting out of the rat-race. I think in times like this, if I had only started that garden years ago, I’d have preserved produce and feel a bit more stable. Not to raise fear in anyone, but we need to be able to take care of ourselves if the world-systems collapse or are out-of-order temporarily. I never imagined a time like this would come and it may just all blow over and life will get back to normal, but maybe it’s a time to consider living a more healthy sustainable way and working towards that.

My thoughts and prayers go to the entire world.

~ Monica

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19 thoughts on “Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts”

  1. I have a friend who loves pigs and that tote would make her smile for certain. I enjoy the heart in your posts, it creates a connection. I think many people may rethink their lifestyle during the break. Having two cars is sometimes optional, sometimes not as it depends on circumstances and even gardening, not everyone has the climate or the discipline. When we were first married, we shared one car and I bused, when I got home from work, my wife would leave for work for 4 hours and we still could not meet our bills. It was better actually when she stayed home and daycared two other girls with our daughter. It was also better as she wanted to be there for Mandy’s pre-school years. We decided to move to an affordable city, I rode a bike to work, a house cost less and lifestyle was slower, and healthier.

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    1. Sounds like you and your wife went through a similar situation as my ex-husband and I did. Slower lifestyle is so very much better. Especially when you have kids. But even now, I crave that slower lifestyle. I do all that I can to not get stressed or anxious but commuting, working and keeping up with bills can de-rail efforts. I hope the time home helps people see where they can make changes to live easier/healthier – that would be one good thing that comes from this. That is so nice to know your friend would like the pig tote. It was fun to paint! I appreciate your visit and comments very much! ❤

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  2. Ooh, I love the Space Needle art piece you made! Thank you tons for the relatable words.

    Fun little story: I’m an introvert myself so being quarantined feels normal, besides a few weekly events like church and going to the comic book store to play games with friends. However, my roommate, an extrovert who’s always partying or at the mall, is panicking. I found it amusing, but I simmered his worries and he’s cool with it now.

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    1. Thank-you for the compliment on the Space Needle Art! I feel just like you being amused with your roommate when I hear of people not liking having to stay home. I wonder what could be wrong with that??? But I do understand not everyone is like me/us. Thanks for sharing that – sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person alive that likes to be home. I appreciate your visit and comment! 🙂

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  3. Well-considered thoughts, Monica. Lots to ponder – and appreciate. Clearly, stay-in-your-house isn’t nearly as onerous a burden as many would have you believe. Especially not for those of us who have the creativity to keep ourselves interested. Lots and lots of activities for the imaginative!

    As for social media, consider, it’s merely people churning out propaganda. The pictures they want everyone to see, the set pieces they would pass off as reality. Pay no mind to not measuring up to the image; the propagandists don’t, either.

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    1. I get all that about social media being propaganda. A big part of it for me however, was the amount of time I spent looking at things that I have no interest in. I was interested in seeing what my friends were up to, but there’s so many meme, political, sports and other posts to sift through that it took way too much time. Time I could be spending in much more productive ways. That’s just me though.

      Thank-you for visiting and commenting!! 🙂


    1. Me too. Quitting it freed me to have time for things I always said I didn’t have time for. I have friends and relatives addicted to it. I used to talk to a co-worker at break and she’d start scrolling as I was talking – she didn’t hear a word I said and even interrupted me to check out the latest video or meme. I’ve stopped chatting with her on breaks. I get the same thing from a relative. I can see their distraction, how they can’t focus and the problems it leads to (mostly because I’ve done it) and I feel for them on not being present, but it’s their choice.

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  4. Bunny in flowers tote is my favvv!
    That’s so lovely that you gave a little flashback of yours! In these trying times, I completely agree we need to sit back and get in touch with the real things in life.

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