Plant Potatoes For Food Security

In the current times of food shortages, a great way to have a little food security is to plant potatoes. If you happen to have any potatoes from the grocery store that have sprouted, they can be planted. You can even cut the potatoes to where each piece has at least one sprout on each… Continue reading Plant Potatoes For Food Security


Turn Sprouted Potatoes Into Many Fresh-Grown Potatoes

If you're like me, there's always a few potatoes left in the bag of store-bought potatoes that shrivel and sprout. It's easy to turn these potatoes into many fresh-grown potatoes. Just take each potato and cut into chunks with at least one sprout, then plant in a sunny area with well-drained, amended soil. They do… Continue reading Turn Sprouted Potatoes Into Many Fresh-Grown Potatoes

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Homemade Lilac Salve

Pin to Pinterest with this image so you can refer back to it later Last March, I was laid off from my job for 2.5 months due to the pandemic. During this time I began to get back in touch with my passion for gardening and using herbs and flowers. At first, the reason I… Continue reading Homemade Lilac Salve

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Food Forest Gardening

As I've been transitioning into the stay-home order here in Washington state, I've been doing all the normal things I'd do on my days off from work, but I've also been watching a ton of Youtube. Everything I watch on Youtube is something I want to learn - either some new skill or things about… Continue reading Food Forest Gardening