Turn Sprouted Potatoes Into Many Fresh-Grown Potatoes

If you're like me, there's always a few potatoes left in the bag of store-bought potatoes that shrivel and sprout. It's easy to turn these potatoes into many fresh-grown potatoes. Just take each potato and cut into chunks with at least one sprout, then plant in a sunny area with well-drained, amended soil. They do… Continue reading Turn Sprouted Potatoes Into Many Fresh-Grown Potatoes

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Homemade Lilac Salve

Pin to Pinterest with this image so you can refer back to it later Last March, I was laid off from my job for 2.5 months due to the pandemic. During this time I began to get back in touch with my passion for gardening and using herbs and flowers. At first, the reason I… Continue reading Homemade Lilac Salve

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Food Forest Gardening

As I've been transitioning into the stay-home order here in Washington state, I've been doing all the normal things I'd do on my days off from work, but I've also been watching a ton of Youtube. Everything I watch on Youtube is something I want to learn - either some new skill or things about… Continue reading Food Forest Gardening