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My Most Recent Thrift Haul for Reselling

Hi all! This is a subject I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now. The biggest reason for not doing it yet is that I’ve been very busy reselling. I quit my 9 to 5 last May and have been working very hard to make ends meet; seems there’s been no time to write.

But this morning I feel called to it so here goes. I will be sharing more hauls as I go.

Thrifting and purchasing used is a way to help save our planet. When we buy used, we are potentially saving that item from going to a landfill. Most of my clothing, home decor and other items are second-hand. I have saved tons of money and feel good about giving second-hand items more use. I’m hoping this post will inspire you to shop thrift stores, yard sales, and even online on platforms such as eBay for pre-owned items.

This thrift trip was at my local Goodwill Outlet where most everything in the store is only 1.59 per pound; I paid $43 for this entire lot, and I even got a few personal items! Here is what I bought; there is a link below each item in the case you are interested in more information about them, or purchasing:

Hope you enjoyed this little haul! Please like, subscribe and share! Thank-you!



I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

Dog Face Face Mask featuring the painting Dog Face by Monica Resinger
Dog Tongue Face Mask

3 thoughts on “My Most Recent Thrift Haul for Reselling”

  1. I love your passion for saving the planet – one thrifted treasure at a time! My husband is a fan of permaculture approaches to agriculture as well and I made a similar pitch to him – i.e., that my daylong trips to the goodwill outlet in Indianapolis are really rescue and recycling missions…not just shopping. We just started up an online venture to sell some of our thrifted finds (because the house was starting to fill up – coming soon at Thanks for reaching out…way to go on all your amazing finds…and best wishes to you!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by Jennifer! I love that you and your husband have started up an online venture to sell your thrifted finds. I will be watching for a post on that 🙂 the Goodwill outlet can be very addicting but fortunately there’s many items that can be resold to help fund it, and we also have the fact that we are saving items from landfills.

      That is cool that your husband loves permaculture. The first time I heard about it it was referenced as a food forest and that is what got me started. Hoping I will have enough time for everything this season 🙂

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