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Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

On my first post on Walmart Grocery Pick-Up, I left off with not being able to schedule a time due to increased demand so I was going to try back later. I tried back the next morning and was able to schedule the pick-up for 2 days later. The instructions said to get their app… Continue reading Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

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Staying Well Through Coronavirus

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. When I first heard Coronavirus made it to Washington, the state I live in, I made some rules for myself in an effort to keep myself safe and help stop the spread. I would order my groceries online and pick them up. I would order other necessities… Continue reading Staying Well Through Coronavirus

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Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

One of the things I planned to do in protecting myself from CoronaVirus is to shop online for my groceries and do the pick-up service. This is not something I was open to before because I like looking for deals and picking out my own fresh produce. But I'm trying to stay away from large… Continue reading Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience