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How Much Land Is Needed To Grow A Permaculture Food Forest?

Growing your own food means that you will always know what you are eating, where the food has come from, and that the produce is toxin-free! These days there are so many ways that you can grow your own produce, from caring for a few small pots on your balcony to running a farm or… Continue reading How Much Land Is Needed To Grow A Permaculture Food Forest?

Food Forest Gardening (Permaculture), Gardening

Food Forest #1

I’ve always wanted to grow my own food. While experimenting with and learning how to grow the gateway veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and herbs I came across the concept of “food forests”. Let’s briefly brush over what a food forest is, before I share my list of plants, cost and time involved, and a few… Continue reading Food Forest #1

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How I Created Raised Garden Beds For Free

Before the pandemic hit, I only had a 4x4' garden bed. I was laid off from my job and concerned about food shortages so wanted to start growing a larger garden. I also had health in mind, wanting to grow herbs and produce. In the past I studied herbs and knew many of them have… Continue reading How I Created Raised Garden Beds For Free

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Food Forest Gardening

As I've been transitioning into the stay-home order here in Washington state, I've been doing all the normal things I'd do on my days off from work, but I've also been watching a ton of Youtube. Everything I watch on Youtube is something I want to learn - either some new skill or things about… Continue reading Food Forest Gardening