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Homemade Convenience Food Series #1: Sweet Tea

I save single serve bottles from when I purchase beverages from a store (like Gatorade, tea or soda). Then I make a large batch of sweet tea, let it cool, pour it into the saved and cleaned bottles and refrigerate.  Then I have the convenience of grabbing a bottle for work or when I get thirsty at home.

Of course I could just have a pitcher in the fridge to pour a glass when I’m at home, but having it in a bottle makes it feel like something I’ve purchased from the store and I can grab and go.  It saves money and is convenient.

This idea can be applied with other beverages too.  Fruit juices, powdered juices, cold coffee drinks.  Even soda from 2 liter bottles.  I like the idea of homemade though, but other options can still save you money over the cost of what single serve bottles cost.

I’ve been doing other things that are convenient and make my fridge feel like a convenient store that I will tell you about soon.  What has spurred this on is not having time to make decent lunches for work.  A lot of times I’d eat peanuts because I didn’t have time to make a lunch and I had peanuts at my desk.  Sometimes I’d go purchase a lunch and I’d rather save that expense.  So now I’m enjoying a wide variety of foods, saving money and enjoying cooking again making my fridge into a ‘convenience store’.

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~ Monica

7 thoughts on “Homemade Convenience Food Series #1: Sweet Tea”

  1. Good idea, and it jump-starts the though process. To wit…

    You’ve had tea before, brewed form dried mint leaves, correct? What about taking your idea and filling the “icebox” with mint tea-laden bottles? Instant mint iced tea! How cool would that be? Literally.

    Maybe October isn’t the best time to try such a thing, but check back next July. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration!

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