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Homemade Convenience Food Series #2: Banana Bread

I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings before work and never feel like doing food prep so it’s wonderful to be able to just grab and go.

Since being single, I can’t count the number of times I’ve made banana bread and ended up throwing some of it away because it got stale before I could eat it all.

So now what I do is make a loaf, or even two, let it cool, slice and freeze in individual plastic bags, leaving a portion to eat fresh that day.  I’ll do it on the weekend when I have time and enjoy cooking.

Then all I have to do is grab one or two to take to work.  By the time break or lunch hits, it’s thawed. I’ll bring a small container with some butter too.

Any banana bread recipe will do.  I use the one I’ve always used from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

This could be done with any quick bread recipe!

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Please comment below with your thoughts or similar tips on the subject.  Would love to hear them!

~ Monica

13 thoughts on “Homemade Convenience Food Series #2: Banana Bread”

  1. That’s exactly how it’s done, Monica! Of course I say that, because it’s what I do. Thanks for confirming!

    One trick, too, is to wrap the bread (or whatever) in plastic wrap before sealing it in the freezer bag. That way, something like 97.43% of the original moistness is maintained.

    Well, I do love me some banana bread. Bananas by themselves, meh. In bread, muffins, Bananas Foster, etc., ambrosia!

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  2. I like that you have found a solution here. I think the little things like this add up towards feeling more empowered alone.

    I managed three loads of laundry yesterday with my music on whilst entertaining my children and felt more in control.

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