Turn Sprouted Potatoes Into Many Fresh-Grown Potatoes

If you’re like me, there’s always a few potatoes left in the bag of store-bought potatoes that shrivel and sprout.

It’s easy to turn these potatoes into many fresh-grown potatoes.

Just take each potato and cut into chunks with at least one sprout, then plant in a sunny area with well-drained, amended soil. They do best in full sun, but I have some growing in shade that are doing well.  They should be planted fairly deep because any part of the potato that is not under the soil will turn green. I water them when the soil dries out slightly. Here is a photo of my cut up potatoes that I planted.

They actually make attractive foliage plants and they flower small purple flowers.  Here is a photo of some that I have growing in one of my garden beds (not flowering yet):

Once you see leaves sprout from the soil, they grow really fast and can fill in a sparse bed quickly. 

I have a selection of potatoes growing – red, gold, russet and maybe some others. Some are ones that I planted last year that I did not harvest. 

The time to harvest them is when the vines die at the end of the growing season.  If you wait 2 weeks after that, it will allow the potato skins to harden. 

I planted mine a bit late this year, at the end of Spring, but I didn’t want to waste the potatoes.  They should be planted early Spring.  I know this post is a bit late for that, but maybe it will help next season, or you can plant now and just see what happens.  Like I said, I have potatoes growing from last year.

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