How To Get More Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit from your Plants

Besides providing compost-rich soil and giving adequate water, a great way to get more flowers, vegetables and fruits from your plants is to deadhead or pick frequently. Deadheading simply means picking off old flowers that are past their prime.

When we do not do this, the plant’s energy goes into making seeds rather than more flowers.

If you want to collect seeds from plants then just let the flowers, fruit and vegetables stay on the plant and mature until seed heads form or the produce is mature enough to have seeds.

But if you want extended blooms and produce, pick off the old flowers and pick your produce frequently while they are young but ripe.



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  1. This is a great tip. If I could keep the rodents out I might get to enjoy some of the fruits of our labour, but, alas, they are insatiable. I’m at the point of giving up, after 8 years of their gluttony.

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