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To Create a Fulfilling Life, Be Aware of Where Your Focus Is.

Our inspirations and actions come from our mental energy. If your life is in chaos and not going in the direction you want it to, consider what you are thinking about and doing most of the time.  Are you constantly upset about something and trying to fix it?  Are you daydreaming of how life will be when you get what you want but it is not something in your control? Is there anything draining your mental energy and consuming you?

At times in life, there are things that come up that we have to give our attention to – material things that need repair, sickness, close friends and family that need help, debt, needing a job, etc.

Sometimes though, we get caught up in something that drains our energy because we give so much attention to it, then the rest of our life goes downhill and we don’t even realize that we are doing it.  The one thing gets most of our mental energy and the rest of our life goes on autopilot.  Running the majority of our life on autopilot results in less joy, creativity and growth.  When we can clear our minds from mental chaos, then we can use our mental energy to create a joyful fulfilling life.

Wanting something outside of yourself to bring you happiness.  Thinking you are not complete without this thing you want.  Waiting to live until you get this thing.  Feeling life sucks without this thing.  Maybe you are thinking life will be so much better when you lose weight, get a partner, if you were single, when you have more money or when you have debt paid off.  These ideas can be true, but if it is something that is consuming you and you aren’t able to think about anything else, I am pretty sure your life is not going to get better by continuously giving your energy to how you are unhappy now because you don’t have this thing.

Well, this thing that we don’t have and that we are giving our mental energy is actually preventing us from having joy in other ways.  Maybe if we stopped focusing on that thing we don’t have and started to focus on how we can create a stable and joyful life, our life would gradually get better – to the point where we didn’t care if we had the thing that we thought we wanted so badly.  Maybe focusing on what we can do and taking action on that will solve the issue we were having – for example, clearing our house of clutter may result in weight loss, or getting a partner.  Maybe these other things in life create wholeness for you and that other thing you were so wrapped up in was creating co-dependency – you being dependent on something or someone for happiness.  Happiness is a state of mind.

There are a multitude of things that can bring us joy, stability and happiness.  When we focus on our passions, steps we can take to bring stability to our lives and being in the now appreciating what’s in front of us, we raise our vibration and feel happy.  When we focus on things we want but don’t or can’t have, we lower our vibration and feel sad or angry.

It all seems obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in feeling that our life is not complete until we get something, someone or some condition.  When we’ve been doing that for a length of time it can feel like we know nothing else.  We forget who we are and the many things we love.  We need to spread ourselves out more and never make our happiness about one thing happening.

It can take some effort and time to change this.  Journaling can help.  Write about your thoughts and what you are doing with your time.  It can help you make some realizations about how to change it.  You can also journal about your passions.  Sometimes this can be hard to remember if you’ve been caught up in something that’s been bringing you down.  You can make lists of steps to take to improve your life.  Maybe your house is cluttered, your car needs repair, your garden is neglected, you need a new wardrobe, etc. because you’ve been pouring your energy into wanting what you don’t have.  Taking steps to improve those things helps lift your energy and get your mind focused on things that improve your life rather than drain it.

If you stick to it and stay focused on what you can do to make your life better and take action on that, your life will drastically improve and everything will fall into place.

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