Law of Attraction, Reprogramming Our Subconscious Mind To Live Heaven On Earth

Attract Your Dream Home

Instructions: With the questions that follow, don’t limit your answers in any way. You can write your answers down or keep them in your head. After the questions are answered, visualize the complete package, then visualize that vision whenever you can. The more frequently you do this, the more powerful it will become, and the vision will probably grow with details. Imagine your daily routine in this vision – what you would be doing, seeing and feeling. You can even make affirmations that go along with this visualization to repeat whenever you can. You can shorten all the affirmations into a few words that represent the total visualization, like ‘Dream Home’. This will trigger your subconscious mind to bring up the visualization. You may not believe it immediately, but if you stick with it, eventually you will believe it. Whenever you visualize and affirm, believe it is coming and simply release it and go about your day doing your best to cancel any negative thinking that you may think about anything. Work on positive thinking and feeling good as much as possible. Switch any of that negative thinking around to what you want in that situation, or say ‘this does not move me’ and think of something that gives you joy.

All of this is programming your subconscious mind which is connected to universal energy. Once your subconscious mind is programmed and believes it, the universal energy will begin pulling this dream together for you. It may do this in ways you do not expect. You may feel inspired or prompted to take a certain step towards this dream and when this happens, be sure to act on it. If your conscious mind begins analyzing and making a plan, like we have learned how to do all of our lives, stop it. Just dream your dream and cancel any negative thinking about anything turning it around to positive. Let the universe pull it together for you and only act if an inspiration or prompting comes out of the blue.

There are many stories I’ve listened to about manifestation (listen to Neville Goddard’s audio books on YouTube if interested), and this is how it works. I have also experienced this in smaller dreams – it is how I got my car and current rental. I say smaller because I was limiting my dreams to what I thought was possible for me at the time. I now want to attract an unlimited dream and hope you will join me.

Here are the questions:

~ If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Tropical? 4-Seasons? Another country? Near the ocean? Near the mountains? In the country? In the city?

~ What are the details of your dream home? How many bedrooms? Stucco? Brick? Conventional siding? An office? A Basement? An outdoor kitchen? A pool? Landscaping? Food forest? Fruit trees? Garage? Home decor style? Minimalist? Tiny home? Mansion?

~ What would your daily routine be like in this dream home? Work at home? Go to work? Farmer? Sustainable living? Go to the beach? Doing hobbies? Entertaining? Meals? Fun? Entertainment?

I welcome your manifestation stories, tips and comments!

Warmly, Monica

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