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Are You Uninspired To Work On Your Goals? Try This.

I can get so sidetracked! Things happening in life taking up much of my thoughts. I have goals that I want to be working on but a lot of the time I find myself thinking about other issues going on in my life.

The problem with this is that when I sit down to work on my goals, I do not feel inspired or motivated. The reason is because I’ve been thinking about those other things 90% of the time. Of course I’m not very inspired or motivated to work on my goals since I’ve only thought about them maybe 5% of the time.

Sometimes it feels like we can’t control what we think, but I believe it’s just a choice and with a little effort we should be able to steer our thoughts to what we want. Just as we’ve gotten into the habit of thinking about other subjects, we can get into the habit of thinking about our goals.  Because they are goals, they are probably a priority so should probably take a priority in our thinking if we want progress.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing things that make our life better so that’s why we should put a little effort into this.

The more time we spend dreaming, planning and working our goals, the more inspired and motivated we will be.  A really great way to dream and plan your goals is with a goal planner.  You can write about your dreams and goals and plan steps to your goals all in one place.  

So whenever you find yourself uninspired and unmotivated to work on your goals, try to remember what you’ve been thinking about recently.  There’s a good chance you’ve been thinking about something else.  If that something else is not more important than your goals, the next time that something else starts to take over your mind, gently steer your mind back to dreaming, planning and working on your goals.  Dream of the results you want, plan on how to get to that dream, then work on it.

~ Monica

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Dutch Bunny Coffee Mug

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