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When Life Feels Rumpled

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Life feels rumpled at times.

Trying to keep up with responsibilities, family, relationships, work, home upkeep and improvement, your health and looks, vehicle maintenance, finances.  Groceries. The list goes on.  Those are just the have-to’s.

Then there’s the want-to’s. Beautiful tidy home.  A yard to enjoy life in.  A garden to enjoy. Less rumpled hair (haha). Reliable vehicle.  Enough money to go on road trips.  Fun.  Painting. Writing. Reading.  Helping others. The list goes on.

So much to do, so little time. I wish I knew the answer to feeling less rumpled.

I do know that it helps to keep lists and get things out of our head.  Lists also help us to remember what we have to do, rather than relying on our memory.  For me, when things get overwhelming, I worry I’ll forget to do something and life will come crashing down, so lists help me to know that I won’t forget.

I also know that blocking out time for getting things done helps.  It helps me see that there really may be enough time to do all that I need and want to do.  When it’s all in my head, it feels like chaos.  On my days off, I’ll make a time-block schedule that looks something like this:

8am til 11am: Reading/blogging

11am til 12pm: Shower

12pm til 1pm: Cleaning/laundry

1pm til 3pm: Garden

3pm til 4pm: Dinner

4pm til 5pm: Relax

5pm til 5:30pm: Organize

5:30pm til 7:30pm: Paint

Usually, my day goes different than I plan due to an unplanned visit, something taking longer than expected or I just don’t feel like doing something when the time comes, but it helps me to have it to refer back to when I’m trying to figure out what to do next.  If I miss doing one, two or three things, it’s ok, at least I usually make progress on something.

On work days, after eating, resting, errands and tidying up the house, there’s not a whole lot of time to do anything else.  If I can squeeze in a little something, I will but usually I give myself time to rest and not push myself.

Lastly, accepting that life is going to feel rumpled at times can help.  Instead of struggling with it, flow with it.  Let it be rumpled until you have enough time to sit down and make lists or whatever you have to do to smooth things out.  Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to think about it.  My week was like that because there was a lot I had to fit in.  All I could do was focus on what needed to be done now, then when that was done, move on to the next thing and get that done.  This morning it’s my day off and I have some time but still feeling the overwhelm because there’s so much I want to do.  But I did find time to make a list and a schedule so am feeling better.  I’ll get some things done today and feel better yet.

~ Monica

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15 thoughts on “When Life Feels Rumpled”

  1. My impression is that creatives share this problem a l-o-t 😄 I often feel in conflict with the balance between ‘what I need to do’ and ‘what I really want to do’. Blocking time is a good strategy but I too find myself agonizing and overwhelmed if I don’t make a list and prioritize (or at least try! hehe). I just visited your art’s page, I love your pieces, style and colours. I didn’t know about Pixels, it might be a way to go for me – thank you for sharing 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, definitely a problem with creatives! I am the same in needing to prioritize and actually should have added that into this article, but it usually gets put on the time blocking schedule. The ‘need to do’ things can take me out of the flow and can ruin a day for me just thinking about it… wish I knew the answer for that. I’m sure it’s just a change in perspective. Thank-you so much for the compliment on my art. Yes, give Pixels a try – it is actually what you get when you sign up for Fine Art America. I have been with them over a year now and have made some sales, but they were to friends on my on my Facebook after I shared the link. Haven’t made any other sales to customers on Fine Art America, but I’m going to keep painting because the idea of it is great and maybe someday I’ll get a following. If you have any questions, just ask. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, that happens to me too, wasting all the time thinking about it. It only becomes more manageable when I put things into a piece of paper. But instead of always doing this every day like any other logical person… no way 😅 We better just accept the way we work and embrace the flow, with a deadline pushing here and there 😄 I have just registered with them now – thank you! I think it’s so lovely to have a place to go and just upload, it’s like our little art gallery 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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