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Inspired Action and Forced Action Are Both a Good Thing

If the majority of the time we are focused on our dreams, we will be inspired to actions to make those dreams come true.  When we are inspired to action, it is said to be much more effective than forcing actions.  But I do have to say that there have been times I forced myself to take action, and then inspiration for more action came.  I believe that is because the act itself helped me to focus on the dream.  Sometimes we get sidetracked and are not able to focus on our dreams because of other things going on in our lives.

For example, one of my dreams is to earn part of my living by being an artist.  I had the inspired action to create a small painting per day that I could post to my social outlets to get a following.  I did it for a few days, then other situations in life took my focus and I really wasn’t inspired to paint a painting every day.  I skipped a day, then I skipped a week, then I forced myself to paint a painting.  Painting is an activity, like writing, that takes me into the flow.  Being in the flow is when we are totally focused on the activity and nothing else.  You forget about time, other things going on and all that is happening is you and the activity.  Usually any thoughts that come up are about that activity – maybe other creative ways of doing it, who you can give the finished result to, a way to make a business out of it, ideas for other projects of that activity, etc.

I would love to always get inspired action but until I can learn to become a very focused person, I’m going to have to force actions, but as far as I can see, both ways work.  I wouldn’t recommend forcing an action if you feel like you are not in the mood.  But it can help if you set aside a certain time of day to allow yourself to focus on your dream, or force an action toward your dream if you are feeling uninspired.  There have been many times I’ve had to force myself to take action and I was happy I did because if I waited for inspired action, nothing would have got done.  That said, I do believe inspired action is much more productive and effective than forced action.  Because of this, one of my goals is to become more focused on my dreams, rather than letting other things take up my energy.

Here are some books I plan to read in the future to help me with this goal:


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this.

~ Monica

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