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Water Wisdom for Autumn

Just a few weeks ago in the Northern Hemisphere, we began Lúnasa season, while those in the Southern Hemisphere began its waxing counterpart and complement, Imbolg. How are these seasons manifesting for you, and in your locale?   At this time of year I normally begin to feel the shift of energies from the Fire […]

Water Wisdom for Autumn

When Life Feels Rumpled

Experience Joy by Being in the Now

Tough Times Always Pass

On Having Faith / How Has Having Faith Changed Your Life For The Better?

Unconditional Joy

Worry, Doubt And Fear Is A Program That Leads To Anxiety, Depression and Illness

Friday Night Soak in the Tub, Woohoo! Self Care for Stress

4 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

Using Our Energy Wisely

Visualizing What We Want Rather Than What We Don’t Want

To Create a Fulfilling Life, Be Aware of Where Your Focus Is.

Dog Face Weekender Tote Bag featuring the painting Dog Face by Monica Resinger
Dog Tongue Weekender Tote
Neighborhood Painting Shower Curtain featuring the painting Neighborhood by Monica Resinger
Neighborhood Shower Curtain
Space Needle Face Mask featuring the painting Seattle Space Needle Cityscape by Monica Resinger
Space Needle Face Mask

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