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Tips For Raising Your Vibration

If you are not familiar with what raising your vibration means – it simply means getting in a better mood. When we are in a high vibration, or good mood, our energy is magnetic to other energy at the same level and we attract good experiences, things and help the universe bring us our dreams. If we are sad, angry, fearful or any other negative mood, our energy is lower and then we are magnetic to that energy. We don’t have to worry if we are having an off day, or days, though because that energy is not as magnetic as the higher energy levels like feeling joyful, excited, and appreciative. But it is good to check in with yourself about your mood from time to time so that we can be attracting good stuff.

We all have bad days, but we can improve those bad days. Sometimes we might stub our toe or wake up late and arrive to work late which then seems to lead to more and more things going wrong. If, after waking up late for example, we are aware that our mood is going down, we can make a choice to change it simply by stating that we are going to have a good day anyway. We can repeat an affirmation like ‘I choose to be happy’ until it sinks in and the mood lifts. Sometimes it can be a bit more challenging to change a mood because something more serious has happened and when that happens, just do the best you can and let the low mood pass. If we resist the low mood, getting upset that we can’t get in a good mood, obviously that doesn’t help anything so it’s best to just ride it out.

Here are some things I do to get in a better mood:

~ Change the sheets on my bed and spray them with lavender spray. Looking forward to and sleeping in a clean and comfortable bed that smells good really helps.

~ Pick flowers from the garden and make an arrangement for the house. If you don’t have garden flowers, why not buy yourself a bouquet?

~ Make your favorite food for dinner. I love making homemade pizza.

~ Take a hike or walk in your favorite natural area.

~ Organize and clean a space in your house – every time you walk by that area it will give you a little lift.

~ Turn on the music and dance or sing.

~ Work on a hobby – gardening, art, cooking, making models, fishing, etc.

~ Watch a comedy or uplifting movie.

~ Learn something you’ve been wanting to learn.

~ Clean your car inside and out. Next time you drive, you’ll notice how good you feel.

~ Clean out your purse or wallet.

~ Redecorate, declutter or move furniture around in any part or all of your home. I’m always amazed how well this works to lift my mood.

~ Call or visit a good friend or loved one.

~ Smile at people.

~ Make or buy a special coffee, tea or other drink. If you have a porch, have your drink there and enjoy the sites.

~ Go to coffee with a friend.

~ Take a road trip – this always resets me when I feel blah.

~ Go thrifting.

~ Do something nice for someone.

~ Daydream

~ Listen to an audio book.

~ Watch YouTube

~ Maybe some of my art products can help. Click here to shop this image on many different products.

What do you do to lift a bad mood? Please share in the comments.

Save this to Pinterest so you can look back on the list.



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