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A Less Expensive Way to Get a Few Basil Plants

When I was laid off last year due to the pandemic, I had decided to start a garden.

I quickly found out that many other people had this idea because seeds and plants were hard to come by.

I had to get creative in getting plants for my garden.

I noticed my grocery store had herb plants in the produce section.

So I bought basil, sage, oregano and spearmint plants.

With the basil, I took cuttings and placed them in a glass of water until they rooted, then planted them in pots for new plants, eventually transplanting to the garden.

I also did it with the sage and oregano, but sage and oregano are perennials while basil is an annual.

Once basil flowers, it will slowly die off (it can self-seed but that’s another topic).

So that is why I’m focusing on basil for this post.

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Hope this tip is helpful to you!



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20 thoughts on “A Less Expensive Way to Get a Few Basil Plants”

  1. Thank you for your tip. It reminded me of the pleasure of having pots of fresh herbs. Last year we had so many so I hope we will repeat. One of my favorites to run my hand along is rosemary, and in the shade along my fence spearmint grows, and returns each year. It smells so nice when the lawnmower runs over the plants that venture into the grassy area. ♥ We have parsley on one our tables and it tastes so sweet to pop some leaves to taste during the day. Happy spring day.

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    1. I agree about running rosemary through your hands and that heavenly scent! Also the spearmint. I planted chocolate mint last summer so looking forward to that, and just yesterday I purchased an orange mint plant (along with a bunch of other herbs). So happy Spring is here! 🙂


      1. trees aren’t ready yet, too cold. That is fall project I think. My grandpa used to have red and green apples on his trees because he grafted different types of apples on to them.

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  2. I have terrible luck with basil. I’ve tried for 2 years and this year I been paying close attention to it. It grew three little sprigs and now only 1 scrawny one remains. And I learned that a basil plant flowering is not for growing more basil. I thought it was pretty assuming this is how they grow. Soon, the stems got thick and woody. Oh yikes…I’m a total noob.

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      1. I heartily agree. It takes too long to grow and I begin to lose interest. My daughter may have planted basil seeds instead of Perilla leaves seed on accident, because I see basil like leaves, so tiny now. We have the seeds all jumbled up. It’s so gratifying to cook with home grown vegetables!

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