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Start Seeds Earlier Than The Last Frost Outdoors

I don’t have a lot of space to start seeds in my home and the last frost date here is usually the first week of April.

So a few weeks ago I tried a little experiement and planted some seeds outdoors.

I planted Brussels Sprouts, red onion and Asparagus seeds thinking they may do better because they tolerate cold better than say tomatoes or peppers – but I may try this with tomatoes and peppers next year.

So I planted the seeds in little groups small enough to fit under either a cut-off 2 liter clear bottle or a semi-clear milk jug – both types cut off about halfway.

Once the seeds were planted, I covered the area with the cut-off bottle/jug (bottom up), to create a little greenhouse for the seeds. I put a medium sized rock on each one to weigh it down and hold in place in case there were high winds.

I labeled them, then forgot about them until last weekend when I peeked under the bottles.

To my surprise, the seeds sprouted!

Surprised because we’ve had several frosts in the 20’s (Farenheit) and snow one weekend that was a foot deep.

Now I wish I would have tried some warm weather crops.

But I will get out there this weekend and do a few of those. Not sure if we’ll get any more freezes, but it will still be a learning experience because it’s not necessarily warm outside.

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