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Food Forest Notes: Apple Tree From Seed Planted / Compost Boxes Extending Flower Beds / Wind Storm, Pine Branches and Paths

I planted my little apple tree that I started from seed last year. About a week of increasing hours on the porch to adjust it to the weather. I’ve read that when you start apple trees from seed you never know what kind of apple you will get because the seeds are not true to the apple they came out of. That’s ok with me – I will enjoy the surprise and hope that it’s edible. My little tree is only about 9″ tall with maybe 10 small leaves. It was 38 degrees last night and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that hardening it off made it hardy enough for that.

I’ve been putting weeds and kitchen scraps in cardboard boxes that are placed in areas where I’d like to extend flower beds. They compost down (including the boxes and kill the lawn underneath. Eventually after the box has broken down some I turn it upside down and work it all into the earth to extend a flower bed and use some of the compost on top of the existing flower beds.

We had a powerful wind storm a couple days ago which left many pine branches everywhere. I’ve been collecting them and placing them on my garden paths that already had cardboard over them to kill weeds. The branches have weighted the cardboard and they look better. They’ll eventually break down hopefully leaving a weed free path. I’m also making the practice of walking on them every day.

My little food forest is growing but still much to do but it is fun building it slowly, caring for it and watching it grow.



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