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Doing Something Small Daily On Your Goals Leads To Motivation and Results

Break goals down into small manageable pieces. Each day and do something small on each one of them.

Sometimes doing something small inspires you to work on it longer.

Sometimes doing something small is all you can do, and that’s fine. At least there was a little bit of progress and that progress will keep motivating you. It is how to keep the momentum going.

I can remember times in my life that I committed to doing something small on a goal each day.

One time the big goal was getting my home organized. I committed to 5 minutes per day organizing a small area of my home. That doesn’t sound like I’d get anything done, but here is what happened. I would set a timer for 5 minutes and start on an area, even if I didn’t feel motivated to do it; heck it was only 5 minutes. Once I got started I usually spent more time on it because I wanted to finish it, or I had stuff laying around from the process that needed to be moved so I would have space. Then I would be glad to get it over with. But the cool thing is later on when I would walk by that area, I would see how nice it looked and that is what kept me going every single day. Sometimes, seeing the progress motivated me to do even another area. Soon there was a snowball effect and I saw a nice little organized spaces all over my home.

It’s easier to start something if you only have to put 5 minutes into it, rather than a 3-hour long project.

Today, I will make a list of a few goals for myself and then commit to a small daily action on each one of them.

How about you?

Warmly, Monica

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