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A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

This is a flower arrangement I cut from my garden to attract abundance. If you didn't know, flowers and herbs have symbolic meaning that has been gathered through the ages. To find out what the symbolic meaning is of particular flowers and herbs, you can google it. By making an arrangement of flowers and herbs… Continue reading A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

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Photos From a Neighborhood Walk

Along my driveway - Daffodils, Dandelion & Bluebells A few flowering plants walking down the road. Not sure what the white one is. The blue is Rosemary, then a couple of dark pink tulips and finally a flowering Oregon Grape. Trees and the beautiful sky The pond is not far behind my house. Many frogs… Continue reading Photos From a Neighborhood Walk

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Beautiful Rainy Day At Pt. Defiance Park

My daughter and I spend most every Sunday together.  A lot of the time we just hang out at home, talk, laugh and eat.  Sometimes we go thrifting, and sometimes we go explore. A few Sundays ago she wanted to go take pictures of the flowers at Pt. Defiance Park - I was all for… Continue reading Beautiful Rainy Day At Pt. Defiance Park