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Reprogramming Our Subconscious Mind To Live Heaven On Earth #2 Relationships

This is a series I have committed to. Each post may have affirmations, an inspiring video, art with quotes or affirmations, manifestation stories and more. My first post (Reprogramming Our Subconscious Minds to Live Heaven On Earth – #1 Prosperity) in this series explains why we need to reprogram our subconscious mind and how to do that if we want to live a better life.

Romantic relationships has been a tough one for me due to experiences that resulted from beliefs that came from how I was raised. I’ve always went for the bad boys and it never worked out well. It has been hard for me to even imagine what a healthy relationship is like so I’ve mostly been working on other aspects of my life – maybe when I get more healthy minded, I will attract or be attracted to someone that is healthy minded. What I do work on is the negative thoughts that come up – all the good ones are taken, etc. I’ve been using affirmations like – there are plenty of good men. Sometimes when the negative thinking starts, I tell myself to stop and think of something else. I know that I have made progress because I feel content being single. It used to be that if I was single, my top priority was finding a man. While I’d like to have a partner, I feel so much better just living my life and focusing on myself and that is probably what is needed to get myself healthy minded enough to actually have a healthy relationship.

The affirmations below are a mix that are for singles, those in relationships, and other relationships such as friendships or family.

I am attracting the perfect person for me

I am worthy of a healthy loving relationship

I am open to love

I let go of anything or anyone that doesn’t serve me

I am surrounded by love

I trust the universe to bring my true love to me

I attract supportive, kind and loving people

Love is everywhere

I focus on the positive traits of my partner, friend, family member

What others do is about them, not me

My partner is a wonderful person

My relationship is healthy and loving

My partner is supportive, kind and loving

Please share your relationship affirmations or manifestation stories in the comments.

Here is one of my paintings printed on products with an affirmation that has been very helpful for me in improving relationships. Having art in my home with reminders about how I want to live has been really helpful for me. These products can be found here

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13 thoughts on “Reprogramming Our Subconscious Mind To Live Heaven On Earth #2 Relationships”

  1. Very true. It’s better to be single than in a bad relationship. At least experience can help you see the red flags before you get too involved in the future. Best of wishes.

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      1. Glad to hear it. I let feeling sorry for some men Place me into fix up projects that only caused me harm. We women often fantasize that love can change a man for the better. Then ignore those red flags. Enjoy your weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same story here. But not just feeling sorry for them. I liked them and saw their good side. Problem for me was overlooking the bad side hoping to get more of the good or hoping for change but usually it doesn’t work that way. It can be very confusing when a guy shows his good side for quite a while, then the bad comes out. Enjoy your weekend too!

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