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Empower Yourself with Turkey Symbolism

I was on my way out of the neighborhood and the above photo is what I saw (giggles).  It was odd to see this in my city neighborhood and I got a kick out of it.  Showed some of my friends then later started thinking the Universe sent me a sign so I looked up turkey symbolism for some insight and guidance that day.  Here are a few possible meanings and thoughts inspired by the turkey.

In North America, the turkey is usually associated with Thanksgiving, a time of gratefulness, abundance, togetherness and sharing.

  • Gratefulness.  The turkey can be a reminder to be grateful for all we have.  When we are grateful for our life, life gets better.  We feel better and thus attract good things to us.  I’ve found the practice of writing in a gratitude journal helps me stay focused on what is good and then magical things happen.  I made a gratitude journal template on my computer that is separated into 19 different life categories such as Friendships, Love, Prosperity and even Food and TV.  I copy and paste this template into a new document each month and every night (when I am in good practice), I go into that month’s document and make short notes of things that have happened in the related categories.  Having the categories that relate to my life in front of me will jog up memories throughout the day, like if I had a really good meal, someone opened a door for me or I accomplished something.  The cool thing is that if it’s done regularly, you get to read through all of your previous notes from the prior days of the month.  You begin to see that you are very blessed and that’s when it seems like even more blessings happen.  You can print it and keep them to look back on, or simply save them to your computer and read later.  I’ve been doing this a number of years so can look back at a prior year and see what was going on at that time of life and how things have changed.  You can make your own template with this idea, or save time with my template that is available in my Etsy shop here:  Monica’s Monthly Gratitude Journal Template
  • Abundance.  Maybe we could focus on our current abundance, rather than our lack of.  Focusing on the abundance that we do have will help us attract more abundance because we will be in a positive mindset.  When we are in a positive mindset, we feel good and are open to ideas that may come to us.  We may be on the Internet and see a great way to earn extra money.  When we focus on lack, our minds get stuck in lack energy and it’s near impossible to think of or even see solutions for the lack.  I understand that focusing on abundance when we feel like we don’t have any is difficult.  I’ve been through some very hard times over the years and even recently.  But most of us can say that we do have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, running water, food.  I’m sure we have much more than that.  If we are grateful for these things, we will eventually attract more.
  • Togetherness.  Maybe the turkey is here to remind us to spend more time with those we love.  Life can be so busy, it’s easy to neglect relationships.  But we don’t want a life of busy, do we?  We all need to earn a living and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to carve out time to visit friends and family.  When we get to the end of our life, we would all love to look back at all the happy memories we had with our loved ones.  We need to make it a priority, look at our schedules and figure out times we can get together with our loved ones.
  • Sharing.  Do you have someone in your life that you can share some of your abundance with?  I am blessed to have a friend that regularly picks up food from her community center outreach that she shares with me. This has meant so much to me, especially when I’m having dark moments.  There are times when we feel we have nothing to give, but maybe we can help someone that is lonely by giving our time to visit or help.  Even just a smile and a hello might help someone. It always warms my heart when someone is friendly.
  • Sustenance and Nourishment.  Have we been taking care of ourselves?  Maybe we’ve been working too much and need to get out and have fun.  Maybe we have not been eating very healthy lately.  The turkey could be showing up to tell us that something is out of balance that we should do something about before there is consequences.  Lately I had been in the mindset of lack so stayed home and worked every day for 2 weeks straight.  During this time, I was not very productive.  Sometimes I was sitting around overthinking my situation, or would sit down and watch the current series I was watching on Netflix just to zone out.  Then I’d get back to work with a blah feeling, not being productive at all.  Last night I decided to get out and it really made a difference.  This morning I have a bunch of new inspiration and determination at working towards my goals.

I hope turkey symbolism has helped you empower yourself in some way.  I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about this in the comment area below.

~ Monica

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