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Bumble Bee Symbolism & Art

Bees represent community, service and prosperity. Here are some thoughts on these qualities. At the end of this post, I share my bumble bee art.

Community. When you have community, you and all members have support. Community can be family, friends, church members and others with common interests. There are online communities and in-person communities. Sometimes we have to seek out a community or start a community. Communities work towards common goals, like bees do.

Service. Serving others that need help. Family members, community members, elders, friends. A key to service is being strong for yourself first, and to be strong, we have to look after our own needs first. We need time to rest and take care of our own lives or we can not be there for others.

Prosperity. Prosperity is not all about money. Yes, we need money to survive and meet our financial needs. Prosperity is also health, joy, love, creativity, gardens, a healthy planet. Prosperity is having a roof over our heads, even though it might not be a beautiful mansion. Prosperity is being able to eat healthy meals. Prosperity is being able to have a good nights’ sleep in a comfortable bed.

Here is my bumble bee art printed on different products. Perhaps this image will remind you of bumble bee symbolism. It (or any of these items) can be purchased as a print here.

All my current original paintings are listed on eBay as auctions. To see what’s available at this time, click here.




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