What’s Blooming In My Garden May 2022

We have had a very rainy and windy Fall, Winter and Spring here in western Washington zone 8b. It has been a cooler than usual Spring with less sun so a lot of my plants are blooming later than usual. The blooms are very appreciated.

Torch Lily
Anouk Lavender

What’s blooming in your garden? Would love to hear from you!



Photos from Pt. Defiance Park Tacoma WA April 6th 2022

Beautiful Narrows Bridge Photo taken by my daughter

Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

Photos From a Neighborhood Walk

Baby Bunnies Playing in My Yard w/Thoughts About What They Symbolize

Pompon Dahlias Tote Bag featuring the painting Pompon Dahlias by Monica Resinger
Dutch Bunny Daisies Acrylic Painting Black White Spring Easter Rabbit Impressionism Canvas Print featuring the painting Dutch Bunny With Daisies by Monica Resinger
Dutch Bunny On Canvas
Chickadee Painting IPhone X Case featuring the painting Chickadee by Monica Resinger
Chickadee Phone Case

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