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Staying Well Through Coronavirus

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. When I first heard Coronavirus made it to Washington, the state I live in, I made some rules for myself in an effort to keep myself safe and help stop the spread. I would order my groceries online and pick them up. I would order other necessities online and have them shipped. I would not eat out or anything that anyone else has prepared. I would stay home as much as possible. I would take supplements that boost the immune system. I would get enough sleep. I would eat well. I have followed that and will keep following that and keep searching for new ways to stay well through this. It is what I try to focus on rather than being glued to the news and getting depressed about it, which is not going to help my immune system or mental health.

I had already planned on growing a vegetable garden this year, but now that is cemented as a top priority and I will grow more than I had planned so I can freeze some for winter and pass some on to my family and friends. A vegetable garden offers top nutrition that has not been in the hands of others. I am also going to research which herbs are anti-viral and fight viruses and grow those too.

My work has remained opened and operating because we do not come in contact with the public. In one way I am thankful to not have financial stress, but in another way, I’m a little stressed about coming in contact with another employee that may not be taking precautions and may have the virus. My work is doing their part and educating all of us on social distancing, hand washing and everything we need to do to keep ourselves protected, but how can we be sure everyone is following that? We unfortunately can’t. At this point, I think it would be a really good idea for a stay-home order for all of Washington, but apparently our governor is not considering it as of now.

The governor did close all bars and entertainment venues and large gatherings. Many retail stores have shut down. Traffic is down slightly, but it seems that everyone is doing the same things. Grocery stores are still crowded with empty shelves. Little kids are playing together. Teens are hanging out. I realize the risk of death to younger people is small, but it can be passed on to elders or those that have underlying health conditions. We have to stop the spread and continuing what we’ve always done is not going to do that.

I’m hoping you are staying safe. What are your thoughts and what are you experiencing through this? What are your strategies to stay well? Would love to hear your thoughts about anything on this subject!

~ Monica

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20 thoughts on “Staying Well Through Coronavirus”

  1. “We have to stop the spread and continuing what we’ve always done is not going to do that” – Absolutely agree. The state of things in the UK isn’t good either. But now the online supermarkets aren’t able to fulfil orders, there’s even a queuing system in place on the one I went on this morning (2.5hrs wait before you can access the site, deliveries have been cancelled, most things out of stock anyway). Nightmare. Good luck with the garden veggies – growing your own is such a fantastic idea right now if possible, wish we had some stuff growing right now.. We had tomatoes & strawberries last year but I’m not sure that they’ll be growing this year and definitely not for a while yet.
    Stay safe & as well as possible, Monica ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi Caz! Yes, I’m hearing about problems with pick-up and delivery services which is to be expected with many more people using it now in trying to stay out of the stores. I’ve yet to do my second order so don’t know what the status is here yet but am suspecting issues since my first order wasn’t exactly smooth.
      We probably have similar growing situations for veggies so the same predicament here, but I’m starting seeds and hoping it is helpful when the plants start producing in a few months. At least it’s a start to becoming more self-sufficient which I think is what we all need to do for now and future situations that may be like this. I’m to the point where I want to be self-employed at home and self sufficient on my own food, doing herbal and home remedies. This has always been my goal, but even moreso now.
      Hope you are staying safe too Caz ❤

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  2. Things in my town are quiet. People are conscious of keeping their distance, restaurants are closed, and grocery stores seem fairly sparsely populated. I’m not sure what was up with the whole toilet paper thing, but generally people are committed to fighting this thing.

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    1. I am glad to hear that and wish people around here would be doing the same. Our schools, restaurants, bars, movies and casinos have all closed, but last I saw, traffic is only down 23%. Some surrounding counties are down 60+%, so it shows not enough people are not taking it really seriously here.


    1. I saw that either yesterday or the day before that U.K. went on lockdown – I started crying at his speech – it was really heartfelt. It was announced that we were going on lockdown soon after I saw the U.K. speech. It’s such a relief because we know it’s needed and how China is getting through it.

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