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Beautiful Rainy Day At Pt. Defiance Park

My daughter and I spend most every Sunday together.  A lot of the time we just hang out at home, talk, laugh and eat.  Sometimes we go thrifting, and sometimes we go explore.

A few Sundays ago she wanted to go take pictures of the flowers at Pt. Defiance Park – I was all for it until it started to rain.  But she still wanted to go so I decided to get a good attitude about it, take my umbrella and enjoy the day.

I’m so glad I did.  For one, because it was raining, there were much less people and it felt like we had the park to ourselves. For two, the flowers looked gorgeous with the raindrops on them and in the darker grey setting.  For three, seeing my daughter loving plants, flowers and photography with a passion made my day.

Pt. Defiance park is in Tacoma WA.  My grandmother used to take me when I was a little girl; she’d buy me treats and some small toy from Woolworth’s while we were waiting for the transfer bus, then we’d get on the bus and go.  I loved it; it always felt like a big adventure.

It’s a big park on the bay with flower gardens, a zoo, beach, a ferry terminal, go-karts, the five-mile drive, Ft. Nisqually and Anthony’s restaurant.  When I was a kid, there were shops and cafe’s on the docks that we could go explore too.  There’s a lot to do there. If you want to know more about it, here’s a link to it on Wikipedia

So, on to the flowers… and the deer.  There was a deer there when we first pulled in. She was fairly tame; I got very close to her before she slowly walked away.  Behind the deer is the fenced area is the rose garden.


Here are some highlights of the rose garden:

Next was the Dahlia garden:

And a few other highlights after the Dahlia garden:

The sunflowers were at least 15 feet tall!!

~ Monica

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