Stop It

I resonate with this so thought it might be meaningful to some of my readers.

14 thoughts on “Stop It”

  1. Thought-provoking list, Monica!

    The items you mention, when left unresolved, clot our souls and compress our airways. Unabated, they’re our four-packs-a-day habit.

    Yet, your writing opens the window to fresh, invigorating breezes. Even with just the first, “Ah yes, sweet, clean air!”

    One leads to another and, before you know it, you’re working on the whole list

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  2. Hi Monica this is a fabulous list. Being a surviving ACOA I had all these issues for many years. I have managed to get rid of many but I still struggle with self-esteem sometimes, which then can lead to second guessing. Most days I do really well and I am grateful everyday for what I have. This is a great list for everyone to strive towards conquering. Have a blessed day. Love šŸ’• Joni

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    1. Yes, this is why I re-blogged this post – because I had also been dealing with all these issues for many years (my family was dysfunctional). Like you, I also struggle with self-esteem and second-guessing myself which leads to over thinking. I have made improvement though and am seeing the effects in my life. I think it’s probably a life-long journey of improvement but thankfully it gets better as long as we keep moving forward and working on ourselves. You have a blessed day too! <3<3

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      1. Well it is a very helpful list. I am sorry you grew up with dysfunction too. I can tell you are pretty young by your picture and I can tell you that you are right. With a lot of hard work I have a very happy life. I still occasionally second guess myself but helping others like you are doing is wonderful. Love and hugs Joni

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