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To Learn Anything New, We Must Apply It Long Enough To Learn It

I remember back in school days in quite a few subjects or classes we’d ‘study’, have a test and move on.

Then there were subjects, such as math, spelling or hand-writing that we practiced all the time and had those classes every year.

Then I became an adult and studied my own interests such as gardening and self help.

Everything that has stuck from all that learning are the things that were studied and/or applied consistently.

Everything that didn’t stick was where we read a chapter or study material, took a test and moved on.  The teacher saw that we passed the test, so assumed we learned it, and we did temporarily. But since it wasn’t practiced, it didn’t stick.

As an adult I’ve read or listened to a lot of my interests.  What stuck are the ones I applied to my life and stuck with it until I got it.

There’s times I’ll read something, think it’s a great idea, even think about it for a few days, then life happens and I forget all about it.  I’d excitedly read a new book, then move on to the next without applying the things I read for a long enough period of time to make the changes I wanted to make.

Due to realizing this and really wanting to make changes and have them stick, I now commit myself to reading or listening and applying whatever it is that I’m learning for a long enough period of time that it becomes part of how I operate (I mostly read and listen to self-help).

I know all this seems obvious, but I’m hoping it helps someone.

Do you have any tips on learning new things?  If so, please share.  I love to hear from you!

~ Monica

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10 thoughts on “To Learn Anything New, We Must Apply It Long Enough To Learn It”

  1. Nice post dear! We are a constant learner till the last breath. That is so thoughtful of you to implement the learnings which most of us ignore. My idea of learning is observing, listening, reading. It can be any form and then inculcate into my habits.

    Liked by 1 person

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