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Seeking Advice On How To Get Motivated To Organize and Re-Decorate

The difficult things going on in my life over the past year have taken most of my mental and physical energy to get through so I have not been putting a lot of energy into my home and I’m not liking the state that it’s in.  I do keep up with the cleaning – dishes, trash, laundry, sweeping, dusting etc., but there are problem areas of clutter that I pushed aside for later when I had more energy.  I also would like to do some re-decorating.

Now that I’ve worked through some of the things going on, my mind is going to these issues, but I can’t seem to find the motivation or inspiration to get going on it and it’s bothering me.  Like my head is saying get moving and do something and my body is saying, let’s take a nap. I think it’s because it seems overwhelming and I don’t even know where to start.

I try to get myself to focus on one area at a time and do baby steps – because this is what worked for me in the past, but I’m still not feeling it, even though I want it.

Last week I worked 50 hours so that probably has something to do with it, but I think even if I worked my normal 40, the motivation wouldn’t be there.  Maybe I need to accept that I need rest, or do I need to visualize, or what?

I started to research last night and some ideas are building, but I thought I’d ask you if you’ve been in this situation and figured out a way to be inspired and motivated to de-clutter and re-decorate.  I detest having to force myself to do anything but love to do things when I feel inspired – the question is, how do I get there with limited time? I also have limited funds for this so it all needs to be very thrifty.

As I write this, I’m seeing some lack statements so I probably need to work on that.  I also think I may have written on this before so I’ll have to go back and check my own articles, hahaha.  But I’d still love to hear your thoughts, advice and tips.  If you’ve written posts on it, please share the links in the comments.  Thank-you very much!

Hopefully I’ll ace this and can then share the results.

~ Monica

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21 thoughts on “Seeking Advice On How To Get Motivated To Organize and Re-Decorate”

  1. Hi , I don’t know if I have any sage advice to offer, all I know is I love throwing stuff out!!! If I have to think about something too long and can’t come up for a valid reason to keep- out it goes. Recycle, gift, trash.
    Love you and love your blog. You work lots of hours, I would be hooped if I worked that much. ❤️

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    1. Hi Summer! I think that is really great advice. Last night on a youtube video I heard that clutter is delayed decisions, and you not thinking too long about it means you’re not delaying the decisions – like I have, lol. So I will work on that. Thank-you for visiting and commenting. I always enjoy hearing from you and love you too! 🙂

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  2. I so resonate with de cluttering and really procrastinating ! I also do the basics around my house, like vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen which is never bloody ending, I also have kids so … I mean the kitchen is never clean!! hahah… but I have certain “spaces” or rooms that I keep closed. like my garage, I doubt anyone fits in there theres so much junk in it. and piles of paper, toys, drawings etc… I could go on. I know it takes a whole lot of energy to clean these things out which really need my attention but I can’t be bothered. what I think is that I need help. I think if we can hire help to de clutter the big stuff that takes the edge off of having to do all of that by myself. hope this is helpful!! cheers and thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Christina! I am feeling for you with kids. My kids are adults and out of the home now so it’s just me!!! lol – I used to think it was hard to keep up with because I was the main one that did all the house stuff in the family. Now on my own, still having the same issues. But when I was raising my kids I was a stay at home mom so had more time to deal with it.

      I like your idea to hire someone, and may do that when I get my finances in a better state.

      Thank-you for visiting and commenting! 🙂

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  3. Rumor has it (can’t tell by me; I’m a clutterer/packrat extraordinaire) that the best place to start is at the bottom of your closets. Once you’ve liberated them, you move on, room by room. I guess the premise is that you throw out everything you come across, but in my case, that would mean going barefoot!

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  4. Marie Kondo is an interesting read/watch. My basic takeaway from her, which is borne out by personal experience, is that the best way to be organized is to treat every item you own as if it is valuable. She says to get rid of a lot of stuff to make this easier, but I know people who have carried out this philosophy with tons of stuff and been super organized. Anyway, I’d check her out, she’s interesting if nothing else.

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    1. I have checked her out and love her philosophy of keeping only items that spark joy. I started to watch her series on Netflix – I think I watched 3 episodes but I got turned off with it because she has everyone dump everything from the room into the center of the room then go through it. To me it just seems really overwhelming, especially in a small house. But as I said, I do like her spark joy philosophy.

      Thank-you for visiting and commenting!

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  5. Hi There ! I like your idea of working on re- organizing one area at a time. I did this yesterday with one table, and feel happy about that. I just left one vase on the table, and will get flowers next week for the vase. Spring comes slowly to Newfoundland, so the flowers cheer me…..🤗

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    1. Hi Sally! That has worked like a charm in the past for me because whenever you see that area, it makes you want to do another area. I love that you left one vase on the table, waiting for flowers!! I love flowers too!

      Thank-you for visiting and commenting!


  6. I watched a video once where an expert in decluttering came in to help a couple. One thing I took away from it when it came to over-flowing dressers and clothes closets was to pick an item of clothing and handle it and hold it close to your face, you will know that you love it. Then fold it lovely and place in your drawer. If it doesn’t fit, look good on you, or make you feel good- out it goes. I did this and it works and then it was easy to separate the unwanted from the wanted.

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  7. In common with much of the advice offered here, Monica, best to adopt a surgeon’s unsentimental approach to triage.

    Ask yourself if each item has been used within the past two years. If not, out it goes.

    Oh, your mind will start stammering. “What if I need it someday?” “Wouldn’t it be nice to have this on hand, in case I can use it?” Ignore these thoughts.

    Believe me, filling a succession of garbage bags is satisfying, and your only regret later is that you didn’t act years earlier.

    I should know, because several years ago, I was exactly where you are now.

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  8. I wait till it really bugs me and then I declutter things. Getting stuff out of the way can be rewarding and it doesn’t cost a dime. In my experience, when you decluttered, the space redecorate itself because the other things (the ones you find beautiful) have more space to shine.

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