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How to Recycle Cardboard

Make cute shelves out of cardboard for your home AND help the earth by recycling. You save money, you save an item from the landfill and when you are finished with the shelves, they will compost.

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I have written a blog regarding the importance of recycling previously. In this blog, I find it necessary to share some ideas related to recycling different things. So today, I will start with the concept of recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are a big part of our daily life. Whenever we shop for toys, electronics, etcetera, we get them. Be it big or small in some form or the other we get hold of it in our shopping. What we usually do is throw them away.

Two years back, this idea came to my mind that typically these cardboard boxes are firm, so why don’t I use them as a shelf. It was the time when I got hold of few cardboard boxes altogether. So I started working on the implementation of my idea, and it worked. They turned out to be great shelves.

So here is the method how…

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