How I Quit Drinking

Another post by my daughter. Thank-you all for supporting her!

Shauna Resinger Blogs

“Drinking helps you relax and you deserve it.”

“Work was so stressful — I need a drink.

“I got the job, I need a drink to celebrate!”

I hear these phrases and so many more on a daily basis. They have become extremely apparent to me after battling my own issues with alcohol. I hate that society conditions us with sentences and thinking like that. Alcohol doesn’t directly correlate to stress relief and it doesn’t always mean fun or celebration.

The first time I ever had a drink was when I was 16. It didn’t really become a huge problem until after I turned 21. At 21, you’re excited to drink. You are simply having fun, and going through a “party phase.” Some take this path of life, and some do not. For myself, it quickly became an escape.

An escape from my own reality and all of the…

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