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Creating a Little Stability in a Time of Instability

The past couple of weeks have been surreal. It’s hard to believe what is happening. Each day that goes by I keep thinking the Universe/God/Higher Power has slowed us down and put a stop to the way we’ve been living because it’s been damaging us and our environment. It’s crazy that the entire world is going through the same thing and many of us are on lockdown at home.

I’ve already talked about how I feel growing a garden would be a good idea right now when everything is so unstable. There’s a possibility things could blow over and return to normal, but what if they don’t? The time we have at home right now could be spent making a plan of what we can do to create a little more stability in our lives. Yes, many things are out of our control, but we do have control over our actions and maybe we could do some things that will help our future during this time.

Maybe you’ve had a book idea. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a side hustle. Maybe you’ve wanted to grow your blog. Maybe you have ideas you can share that will help people through this (I see many are doing that already and I love reading these posts). Maybe you’re really good at doll making. Maybe you love to paint or sculpt. Everyone has a special skill/s that many of us don’t use often because we work so much. Maybe now’s the time to start doing that. Whatever that is may be of value in the changing future. Just an example – if we are a doll maker and used this time to craft some dolls, we’d have a stock of dolls to barter or sell to help us in some way in the future.

I think any skill can be thought of in this way. Just ask yourself how your skill could help this situation and do some brainstorming.

Think – a community/local way of living, rather than all the commercialism that is destroying us and the earth. We are stressed and the earth is stressed from the way we’ve chosen to live. There’s barely anywhere for animals to live. China now has way less pollution after their lockdown. The water in Venice is beautiful and clear for the first time in a long time due to their lockdown. This says something big and should be making us all want to create a life that is slower-paced and healthy.

If we all did something small and stayed focused on the goal of a healthier life for us and the planet and kept taking small actions, the difference made would be huge. Even it it’s just getting educated about sustainable ways to live. Maybe there’d be a happy ending where this will go down in history books as what pushed us to save ourselves and the world.

Please leave any ideas about what we can do to help our future be more healthy and sustainable in the comments below. Maybe this can be a growing resource for people. Thank-you!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone going through difficult times now.

~ Monica

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11 thoughts on “Creating a Little Stability in a Time of Instability”

  1. We have also been wanting to do a garden! Last summer when we moved into our house it was already too late in the year to start anything. This year we plan on it. I will actually be posting some of my ideas on my blog as well! One of my favorites lately has been turning bar soap into body wash (using what we already had on hand) since my family seems to refuse bar soap in it’s entirety. LOL. Also, making my own face wash using simple ingredients most people already have! Since I use reusable silicone containers this also minimizes plastic! πŸ™‚

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    1. Wonderful! I love doing this kind of stuff. I tried making liquid soap out of bar soap years ago and it didn’t turn out well but I might just try it again. I’m going to check out your blog right now. Thank-you for visiting and commenting! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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