The Gift of Reality Calibration

A very important message here about parenting. I’d like to add that it applies to not just our children but anyone we love and want to ‘rescue’. Thank-you Albert, for your well-written wisdom.

Dream The Written Word

The hardest part of parenting is to step back and allow your children to fail at something. It takes a fortitude that hurts. You want to just reach out and hug them and tell them what to do. All so they don’t feel pain. But, if your children are teenagers, or like my kids in general, telling them what to do is a sure fire way to get them to not do it.

Failing at something, or what I call a Reality Calibration, can be helpful. It can spur focus, determination, or simply more effort.

Reality Calibrations come all the time and aren’t failures per se. They’re reminders. You think you’ve done enough work on a school or work project only to find there’s far more work needed. Usually, at least for me personally, Reality Calibrations strike when I’ve made too many assumptions about something. I may have missed an…

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3 thoughts on “The Gift of Reality Calibration”

  1. Most wholeheartedly agree! Confidence is, quite possibly, the best single indicator of future success.

    The only way to acquire it is to overcome challenges. First, let’s go back a bit and recall that, no matter how much we try, it’s impossible to prevent loved ones from uncovering adversity. Truth is, no matter how much it breaks our hearts, Adversity usually wins. At least for the moment.

    Not always, though. Whenever we can outsmart, outlast, outmaneuver, it affords a momentary triumph, mellowing to lifetime’s assurance that, “Hey, don’t worry – I have this!”

    Now, multiply that be three, four, five, and soon you have someone who’s scrapping to take on anything.

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