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’68 Charger Painting

I am critical of this in many ways, but thought I’d post it for entertainment’s sake.  Obviously I’m not a realist artist.  I’ve self-taught myself over the years and go through phases where I can’t paint enough.  I first learned to tole paint from instruction books in my 20’s.  That evolved over the years to different styles.  I went through a rock painting phase, then I went through a phase where I painted things I found in thrift stores to fix them up.  Then I tried my hand at trading card paintings.  Those I painted with the preference of bold colors and whimsy and used the skills I learned from tole painting.  Now I’m addicted to impressionism and doing my best to learn it.  It seems so simple, but it’s difficult when I’ve been painting a certain way all my life.

Anyway, here is the painting.  I sort of like it but sort of don’t.  My dad had so many muscle cars when I was growing up and I LOVE them.  I think that’s why I don’t care for this painting – because it doesn’t do the 68 Charger justice.  But it’s different and resembles a 68 Charger, lol. It looks more like a cartoon, which I was not trying to do, hahahahaha.  I kept trying to fix it and after numerous hours I gave up to this result.

This can be purchased as a print here.

68 Charger

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8 thoughts on “’68 Charger Painting”

  1. My first husband had a 68 charger, my first stick! Sounds like my painting career, although I never entered a rock painting phase, I think I have painted my way through a lot of stuff in my life still trying to find “my” medium or some real technique, talent, or just stick what I do best and that’s appreciate the beauty in all art and marvel at the artist’s eye! Impressionism is also my favorite and your Charger jumps from the page!

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    1. What a way to learn to drive a stick!! I love the 68 Charger – my dad had a gorgeous gunmetal grey one back when I was a teenager (late 70’s). I wonder if it’s normal to go through all the different phases to find our medium or style. I’m thinking it probably is, or our preferences change over the years. I do enjoy it even though I can get frustrated with the process. Thank-you for stopping by and commenting!


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