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MY EBAY LIQUIDATION SALE – Clothing Makeup Jewelry Rubber Stamps Grab Bag Lg Flat Rate Box Lot Liquidation

**This sale is available to U.S. only since shipping prices and rules differ worldwide.

Hey there – As some of you may know I’ve been an eBay reseller since 1998. This post tells that story, if you’d like to know more.

Now, I would like to clear out my eBay inventory so I can use the space for an art studio.

I have over 800 items to get off my hands (the list is included at the bottom of this page). Clothing, costume jewelry, makeup, rubber stamps and more.

This listing is for a large flat rate box (12-1/4″ x 12-1/4″ x 6″) full of your choice of items listed at the bottom of this page. This is priced low ($35 with free shipping) because I want to get these things off my hands.


If you purchase, please message me the kinds of things you would like in your grab bag (box) that are on the list below

If it is clothes, please tell me your preferred size(s). While I have over 700 clothing items, I cannot guarantee I will have your size preference and if that happens I will message you to figure out a substitute. My Mercari store has most of my clothing items listed, but not any of the jewelry or other items on the list below, so be sure to see the list. If you see something here that you want in your box that is priced $25 or under, please feel free to request it at, or you can just tell me your size and I will pick.

If you pick numerous types of items, I cannot guarantee all types will make it into the box – it all depends on what I can fit into it. Also keep in mind that I may not be able to fill a large flat rate box with one type of clothing in one size – it is better to pick a few different types of items from the list below

Because there is a large variety of sizes and weights, I cannot predict how many items I will be able to get into the box. So keep in mind if you pick jeans for example, that will take up a good portion of the box (but you can pick a lot of smaller items to fill the box). Some items have limits – that is because they are small and would take hundreds to fill a large flat rate box.

Most clothing is used but they have no holes or spots unless it is destroyed/distressed jeans. The clothing was purchased used then washed so should have no odors but my nose is not as sensitive as some so I may miss an odor. I can pick up strong odors and will not add anything to your box that has a strong odor. All other items are also used, please see notes with the items list below.

If you’d like to know my eBay reputation, click here to view my 100% feedback. Keep in mind not everything you see in my eBay store is eligible for this deal (generally it is items priced at $30 and under) and I only have around 240 pieces listed there, out of 700. My Mercari store has most of my clothing items listed, but not any of the jewelry or other items. If you see something here that you want in your box that is priced $30 or under, please feel free to request it.

If purchase is made, I will ship within 1-2 days as long as I am not having some emergency going on.

***I will keep this list updated as I find other items and as things sell so please check back.

Women’s clothing including shirts (button-front, pullover, sleeveless+), dresses, skirts, lightweight jackets, sweaters, jeans, pants, shorts, scarves. Mostly common sizes. Check with me for others. 

Men’s clothing including shirts, jeans, shorts, swim trunks, neck ties. Mostly common sizes, but check with me for others. 

Costume jewelry – necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings, bracelets (limit 10) – all used condition and may need cleaning but no damage.

Makeup & fingernail polish limit 10 – drug store brands – mostly Hard Candy.  Fingernail polish mostly the brand Petites and Hard Candy but also have others.  All new but have been sitting for a couple of years.  Eye shadow, lip liner, liquid and stick eyeliner, Avon powders and more.

Wood Mounted Rubber Crafting Stamps – Stampin Up and many more – I have tons of these in many designs, sayings and sizes (limit 10) – all used – some show no signs of use, some have varying degrees of ink spots.

Odds and ends in limited quantities – if interested in these, please message me with questions about availability, sizes, condition, etc.  I’m unable to take photographs.

shoes (used with varying degrees of use)

hand crocheted doilies (used, good condition with no holes or spots)

fabric pieces with cute prints (Christmas, floral and more) – all fairly small pieces good for quilting (purchased used but no spots, wear or damage – they are cut scrap pieces in various square sizes)

yarn – all purchased used – some full skeins, some partial skeins, some rolled balls – all acrylic or other synthetics.

vintage matches in boxes and matchbooks (used with varying degrees of wear and use)

dice – red, green, white (used showing some wear)

Sims games for computer (used)

Disney animated movies on VHS (used, all work but plastic covers have varying degrees of wear – some have dents or small holes from being dented)

Nicolas Sparks paperback books (1 hardback) (all used but good condition)

Action figure toys (used but good condition. )

Seattle Mariners Pez Dispensers (limit 2) – new in package

Contact me at for questions, or if you’ve made this purchase send me a list of the items you’d like off this list in the order of your interest + your mailing address and I will fill a large flat rate box with as many of these items as possible and ship within 1-2 days. Thank-you!

Clothing Makeup Jewelry Rubber Stamps Grab Bag Lg Flat Rate Box Lot Liquidation

Large Flat Rate Box full of eBay liquidation items as chosen from this page. Available to U.S. only


6 thoughts on “MY EBAY LIQUIDATION SALE – Clothing Makeup Jewelry Rubber Stamps Grab Bag Lg Flat Rate Box Lot Liquidation”

  1. Why are you liquidating everything? Have you decided to stop selling on eBay because of COVID-19 or something else? I don’t live in the US so I cannot buy. I thought about selling on eBay because I have some collector items that are rare, which I can’t use because I don’t use the gaming systems anymore. Is it worth starting an account, or is it better to sell elsewhere?

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    1. Hi Hilary. The amount of items I have listed are taking up an entire bedroom in my home and it is STUFFED. To wait for it to sell individually would probably take a few years. I want the space to use as an art studio now or in the near future. I will keep selling on eBay, but it will be limited to more valuable items that don’t take as much space. Also, I work full time now and don’t have the time to put into eBay anymore.

      In my opinion, eBay is worth starting an account, although they have a few restrictions, like how many items you can list until you have some feedback. I’m not sure what the other restrictions are but something to look into. But eBay is the best place to sell the type of things you have, as far as I know. I also sell on Mercari which has less expensive fees but I’ve only sold mostly clothing so I do not know how good it would be for the type of items you have. If you ever have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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