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What is Your Version of Sexy?

Do you have insecurities about your weight or your body? Have you been picked on because of your weight? Well, this post is for you. I have grown up being picked on about my weight as I have always been a bigger woman. I do have insecurities about my body to a degree, but for the most part I never had a problem with being bigger. I can still do everything anybody else can. Maybe not as fast, but it doesn’t make my life extra hard. I’m also happy and enjoy having curves. I eat damn good too! But my insecurities started to come from people that would make fat jokes about me. People have done this my whole life. For the longest time, I resented it. Started to dislike my body and wish that I was smaller. I tried all different types of diets and wanted to lose weight quickly! It wasn’t until one day I decided I was done feeling this way about myself —-just because—- get this–other people did! I decided to change my belief about my weight and therefore change the way I felt about myself and others. I have never been a fan of society and I have never been one to follow what others think. I wanted to make my own belief.

First of all, if you do not like my weight you can fuck off! More importantly, this is not a fuck off article or a hate article, lol just a way for me to express my new belief about weight in hopes that it will help others to change their view on weight (whether you are big or small.) I know there all different shapes and sizes out there and all different types of eating disorders and beliefs that are created due to the haters in this world! This is for everyone, all sizes. I would like to say that we all have the ability to create our own version of “sexy.” I want to start with this because I think so many people are brain washed by what the people around them feel is sexy. Like, really? I once read an article about what men found sexy and there were men saying that they couldn’t be with a bigger chick because their bro’s would make fun of them. Seriously? You care that much about what other people think? What I personally find sexy, is confidence. Believing in yourself no matter what size you are and no matter the imperfections on your body. Male or female. What I find sexy is being a good person, being creative, having a full and beautiful life. Being kind and generous to others. I find all shapes and sizes sexy. From the biggest and the smallest- and that is not an exaggeration. I think it is important to uncover what your belief is on weight and what you find to be sexy. Own your belief and have conviction in it.

The other point that I would like to make about weight and body image is the fact that it does not define a person. This is a no brainer, right? When I first heard this sentence I literally thought… well, of course. But there is so much depth to this sentence and I didn’t fully understand it until I really looked at it from a different perspective. If there was a 400 lb woman or man in a room, would I think she/he was any less attractive or less of a person because of their weight? Honest to god, the answer is no. There are always beautiful qualities you can find in a person and beyond that, someone’s body does not determine who they are. It simply does not define them. It doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of love or that they are lazy or gross. I know I would not be rude to someone for being a bigger person or for being extra tiny and I would definitely not define or demean someone based on their body.. I have come to the conclusion that there are just a lot of shallow mother fuckers out there who have no tact or empathy. This is simply what it comes down to. To conclude, if you’re worried about what other people think about you, don’t be. Be happy and healthy. Your opinion and your version of sexy is the only one that matters. πŸ™‚


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14 thoughts on “What is Your Version of Sexy?”

      1. Yes… but sometimes teasing of these people cross all the limits. It creates a sought inferior among the people…. we don’t have the right to insult the people around us.. In reality, their teasing cross whole all limitations, it’s not only verbal attack by calling bad words but also physical assault….πŸ™„πŸ™„

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      2. I totally agree. I went through some of it back when I was in school, and my daughter did also. It did a number on our self esteem. Thankfully later on as an adult we learned to accept ourselves and realized the people in school had their own issues for doing that. But it is very sad that people do that – I’ve never been able to understand when people are mean.

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